Monday, May 30, 2011

Long Weekend, Lots of Cupcakes

Summer is upon us and as the days get longer, it seems that my date book is getting more & more full. Doesn't it seem that every bridal shower, wedding, birthday and really - any event worth celebrating falls between the beginning of May & the last day of Labor Day Weekend?

This weekend, I had the pleasure of making cupcakes for my boyfriend's Nana's 90th Birthday party. 96 cupcakes in total. Chocolate & White cakes adorned with homemade almond butter cream frosting. Some graced with crystallized sugar - some with coconut.

The party had an orchid & white color theme - so of course, the cupcakes had t
o fit in to that. Everything from the frosting and sprinkles down to the cake wrapper - stayed true to the theme!

My baking assistant & I made all of the cakes on Saturday during the day & frosted them all in the afternoon. Since the heat decided to kick in this weekend, fans on all of the cakes was a must. You always want to make sure you keep your cakes as cool as possible so that they stay fresh & the details in your piped frosting don't melt! When baking cakes a day in advance, be sure to cover them with plastic wrap and store them in a cool area if you can't fit them in the fridge. This will ensure freshness & allow your frosting to set!

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