Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Candy Warehouse

I am in love with this website!

They sell every type of candy imaginable and I want them all! They specialize in old-time classics & hard to find confections.

Check it Out!: The Candy Warehouse

Here is my Candy Warehouse Wishlist:

Black Cow - Chocolate & Caramel Bars
$24.00/Box of 24 Bars

Chocolate & Caramel - What's not to love?

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McCraw's Giant Taffy Candy Slabs
$12.00/24 Taffy Candy Slabs

Who doesn't enjoy a nice piece of taffy?

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Old Fashioned Creme Drops
$48.00/Box of 24 10 ounce bags

These are my absolute favorite "vintage" candy! My Aunt Grace would always buy these for us sporadically throughout the year and surprise us with them. So decadently sweet!

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Mountain Candy Bars
$24.00/24 Count Box

I've never had these, but I definitely feel that I need to! A layer of chocolate & chopped peanuts covering a silky inner layer of flavored cream. Cherry, Original, Peanut Butter. Next flavor in the line could just well be heaven.

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