Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Heel, Major Deal

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to my inner Bargainista.

I set out on a mission tonight to find shoes to wear with a red dress I got a great deal on ($16 - originally $90) to a friends' wedding. I was willing to spend $50 on the shoes - planning that they would be something that I could wear with this particular dress only and that the majority of their life would be spent in a box collecting dust & praying for the day I decided to break out said red dress again. I just wanted to find something that went with the dress that I could stand wearing during the course of the ceremony, full well knowing that once I hit the reception hall, I would be breaking out a pair of emergency flip-flops from my purse and my heels would be gone & forgotten - left on my chair at my designated table...watching my purse for me while I kept the dance floor company.

But little did I know what DSW had in store for me this evening. As a general bargainista rule, you never look at anything full-price....first. You only return to the full-price racks if you are desperate and the event you need to go to is less than six hours away. I, at two weeks from the wedding, was not that desperate and trotted immediately over to the clearance section. But being that one, I'm cheap, and two, I have a size eleven foot, I was not all that hopeful that the clearance section would be holding any worthwhile.

Yet there they were - Chinese Laundry nude strappy sandals. Nice, solid heel - not too high. Stylish, versatile and surprisingly comfortable. Perfect for the dress and something I could actually wear more than once. Now, let me tell you about the deal.

The shoes were originally $59.00.
They were priced at $39.94 on the clearance rack.
As part of the sale they were having, I got an additional 40% off the shoes since they were in clearance - bringing their price to $23.96.
Then, I signed up for the DSW Rewards Program, scoring me another $5.00 off since my birthday was just two weeks ago.

This brought the total price of the shoes to $18.96, meaning a 68% savings for me.

Score one for the Bargainista. ;)

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